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Hallie Uhrich

Global Citizenship Essay and Reflection

12/9/2014 11:58:49 AM
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The last major essay the First Year Seminar class had to write was on Global Citizenship and how we planned to develop this competency while at college. I believe this was my best essay out of the three because I included more sources from class readings and had a better understanding of what the meaning of these essays were. 

In this essay I provided the definition of global citizenship as well as the skills necessary to develop one's global citizenship competency. The final part of my essay discussed how I plan to develop this competency in the next three years.

Representing Cultures Project

5/5/2015 4:45:36 PM
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In my honors Art History Survey class, that I took during the Spring 2015 semester, we had to choose an artwork from almost every chapter of the book and describe why it was representative of that time period and region. This is the work I did on my project and I believe it furthered my knowledge about cultures around the world, helping my global citizenship competency. 

ANTH 230: Peoples and Cultures of the World

5/21/2016 2:07:42 PM
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During the Fall 2015 semester I took one of the required courses for the Anthropology major that furthered my understanding of global citizenship immensely. During this course we looked at numerous different cultures and how they conduct their daily lives. In order to demonstrate the constrast between our own life and that of another culture, our professor had us do a Food Ways Project where we studied our own eating habits and compared them to another culture of our choosing. For this project I decided to compare and contrast my eating habits with that of Egypt. I chose this country mostly because I had a classmate in another class from Egypt who proved to be a valuable resource for my paper. However, I also chose this country because Egypt has always been an interest of mine and I wanted to learn more about it. 

The Tula Region Epiclassic Interaction and Migration Project (TRIMP)

This past summer (July 2016) I  attended an archaeology field school in Tula, Mexico that studied the Toltec Civilization. Not much work has been done at this excavation site and it is at risk of being destroyed for new housing developments. However, it is very important that we excavate this area because not much is known about the Toltec Civilation, in fact pretty much anything that is published about them remains just a theory. The only for sure thing that is known about the Toltecs is that they came before the Aztec Empire and after the fall of Teotihuacan. Most of what is left of the Toltecs comes from what the Aztecs left behind because they idolized the Toltecs. With this field school we hoped to uncover much more about who the Toltecs were, although since I was just a student on this large project that included more workers than just the field school students, I did not receive much information about the progress made from the work that was done. By studying this civilization before and after attending the field school, participating in the field school and imersing myself in the culture for an extended period of time I furthered my global citizenship competency and my Spanish-speaking ability. This experience taught me a lot about ancient culture, the current culture and about numerous other aspects of Central Mexico and I cannot wait to return. 

Indigenous Language Project

During the fall 2016 semester I took a Language and Culture class where we did an Indigenous Language Project. This project had four components, a general profile of the language, a language history, language revitalization and a final presentation. For my project I chose to study an Indigenous language from Mexico called Nahuatl. I originally learned about this language and gained interest in it while I was doing my field school in Tula, Mexico. For more details about this language please follow the links for each component. 

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