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Hallie Uhrich

Leadership Essay and Reflection

10/22/2014 2:12:39 PM
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In my leadership essay, which I wrote for the First Year Seminar course with Dr. Corley, I assessed how I found the leader in myself. I discussed what my leadership strengths are and how I plan to use them to be a leader in the future. 

Through discussions about leadership in class I learned that everyone has qualities to be a leader and that one must not try have all of the qualities of a leader. Each person has strengths that they can bring to the table and help the group so it is not necessary for every person to have all the strengths of leadership. Accordingly, I learned not to focus on how I can better my weaknesses, but to focus on bettering my strengths. 

Anthropology Club

During the Fall 2015 semester I was elected the president of the Anthropology Club through which I was able to develop my leadership skills. Although the club was not very popular and we only had a few attendees for each meeting, I believe the work the officers, in conjunction with the club advisor, did set the club up for hopefully being successful in the coming semesters. Some of the things the club has done so far include helping with National Anthropology Day, creating t-shirts for the club (also a fundraiser), a bake sale and attending the annual meeting of the American Anthropology Association (AAA). As of the Spring 2017 semester, I stepped down as the club president, but I hope to still be active with the club. The club officers have expressed that they hope to continue to particpate and/or provide events like National Anthropology Day activities and attending the AAA conference again in the coming years. 

Oh the Places You'll Go: Discovering Your Passions Learning Community Coordinator

During the Spring 2016 semester I decided to apply for the Anthropology Department's Learning Community Coordinator position. I actually did not know the department had this community until I was emailed by one of my professors asking that I apply because the community was in need of a coordinator that cared about the members of the community and tried to meet the requirments necessary for the community to succeed. I was honored that this professor thought of me as being able to fulfill the roles of a learning community coordinator, thus I applied for the position and received it. I was very exicited to be in this position for the 2016-2017 school year and help students within this community with any problems they encountered. Although there was only four students in the learning community, they all expressed that they had good experiences in the community, learned valuable information to stay ahead and felt supported in all their classes. I hope to see them continue to do well as they move through college. 

Honors Leadership and Civic Engagement Learning Community Coordinator

I enjoyed my time as a Learning Community Coordinator (LCC) so much during the 2016-2017 year that I decided to apply to be an LCC again in the 2017-2018 year. I really enjoy the idea of a learning community and all it has to offer and I also enjoy mentoring students in order to help them do the best they can in all of their courses. I am excited to see what the next year brings with this different learning community and different students, many of whom will not be in their first year. 

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