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Hallie Uhrich

Research Essay and Reflection

12/9/2014 11:54:11 AM
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In my research essay that I wrote for my First Year Seminar course, I discussed how I plan to develop my research skills while I am attending MSU Mankato along with the skills necessary to produce good research. Improvements on this essay include discussing how in class exercises and resources have developed my understanding of research along with what skills I have developed so far.

In class discussions pertaining to research I learned about more research resources that are available to me that could potentially benefit my research in years to come, as well as when to give credit to sources and what all entails plagiarism. 

Honors Seminar 401: Research and Information Literacy

5/21/2016 1:34:43 PM
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During the Fall 2015 semester I took the Research and Information Literacy course through the Honors Program in order to both fulfill my course requirements for the program and further my research competancy. In this course we learned numerous valuable research techniques that culminated with a literature review on a topic of our choosing. I still use the techniques I learned in this course and will most likely continue to use these techniques any time I must conduct research. 

I have included my final draft of my literature review for this course which covers a few of the advances in archaeology and how these advances have helped in the discovery of many important archaeological excavation sites. With this research we were also given the opportunity to present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium which I still plan to do after I attend an archaeological field school this coming summer, however, my topic will not be on this literature review although it will most likely include some of the same information.  

ANTH 340: Language and Power Research Project

5/21/2016 1:52:35 PM
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During the Spring 2016 Semester I took a Language and Power class through the Anthropology Department that discussed simply how language affects power. However, as one may imagine, the relationship between language and power is not at all simple. To display this relationship and exemplify the role language and power plays on MNSU's campus our professor had us do a group research project. Our group decided to do research based on race and how classroom profiling on campus is a major problem between professors and students. I have included our final research paper on what we found based on the research we conducted. Although we did not have time to produce a solution to this problem, members of the group have agreed to continue this research in the following semesters. 

ANTH 438W: Anthropology Theory

5/21/2016 2:00:43 PM
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During the Spring 2016 semester I took the writing intensive Anthropology Theory course that is required for the major. Throughout this course we were required to do weekly readings and papers on various theorists in the history of Anthropology, culminating with our own theory paper on a topic of our choosing that related to our senior project. Although I am not a senior yet and have not taken the senior project class, I am participating in an archaeology field school this summer in Tula, Mexico that I plan to base my senior project off of. The work we will be doing in Mexico has to do with the Toltec civilization who are theorized to have migrated to the Tula area. Most of the research will be on their migrant patterns and motivations, thus I decided to write my theory paper on the motivations for human migration, specifically looking at the Toltec civilization. I have included my final draft of this theory paper in order to further exemplify the work I will be doing with this project which will hopefully result in me presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

Ancient Art Term Paper

11/27/2016 6:41:10 PM
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During the fall semester of 2016 I took an Ancient Art class where we covered the art of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. As part of the class we had to produce a term paper about a topic of our choosing relating to one of the areas covered. For my paper I chose to discuss modern society's perception of art compared to Ancient Egypt's. From this comparison I wanted to see if there were any parallels between modern art definitions and art of Anicent Egypt. To read my paper and see what my findings were please follow the link. 

Museology Exhibit Design Research Paper

5/24/2017 9:45:13 PM
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During the Spring 2017 semester I took a Museology course that taught the fundamentals of a museum and what it takes to work in a museum. As part of this course, we were required to create an exhibit based on our own idea of a "dream" exhibit. This assignment had two parts, the first was a research paper and the second was a design of the exhibit, including the necessary paperwork one would need to have to pull of the exhibit. I have included my research paper for this assignment which gives a detailed background of my topic as well as an outline of what the exhibit will look like. I enjoyed completing this assignment because it was a good way to culminate everything we learned in the course into one assignment that taught us the necessary requirements of creating an exhibit which will be useful in the future if I end up performing this task at a museum. 

Gender in Art Research Paper

5/24/2017 9:53:56 PM
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In the Spring 2017 semester I took a course titled Gender in Art that discussed mainly female artists throughout time who have pushed the boundaries of the art world whether that be in regards to the topic of their art or just being a female artist. In this course we were given the task of choosing an artist who was either a feminist or represented a minority and writing a research paper about them. I chose the artist Florine Stettheimer who was a feminist artist in the 1900s, but received little acclaim in her time because she did not wish to show her art to large audiences. Taking this class, doing this research paper and learning about the artists other students chose to research taught me so much about the risks many female artists took to do what they truly loved or to just prove a point. Not only did I learn about numerous artists and what they stood for, I also learned about the history behind many famous artworks as well as the controversies they created due to their content and the gender of the artist. 

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